Gardner Denver 7.25" x 10" FO FXO

Replacement parts for the Gardner Denver 7.25" x 10" FO FXO mud pump.

Fluid End Rebuild Kit

Gardner Denver 7.25" x 10" FO FXO Fluid End Rebuild Kit
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 Liner PPGD FZ45672
4 Liner Packing PPGD 3EN519
2 Lantern Ring PPGD EN957
2 Head Gasket PPGD 25T42
2 Piston PPGD 211TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit PPGD TBB76020
2 Piston Rod PPGD 15FXO183
2 Packing PPGD 60BH11
2 Packing Oilstop Head PPGD 60BG32
2 Stuffing Box PPGD FO14
2 Gland Bushing,Stuffing Box PPGD EK152
2 Junk Ring PPGD EK317
2 Liner Clamp PPGD FO217

Fluid End Valves, Seats and Springs

Gardner Denver 7.25" x 10" FO FXO Fluid End Valves, Seats and Springs
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
8 Valve Cover Gasket PPGD 25T33
8 Valve Spring PPGD 78A139
8 Valve Gravel PPGD 200FYY482P
8 Valve Gravel Insert PPGD 200FYY106P
8 Valve Seat PPGD 200FYY039
8 Valve Stem Guided PPGD 202PZL482A
8 Valve Stem Guided Insert PPGD 201PZL106
8 Valve Seat Stem Guided PPGD 201FYY039

Fluid End Optional Liners, Pistons, Piston Rubber Kits

Gardner Denver 7.25" x 10" FO FXO Fluid End Optional Parts
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 Packing Stuffing Box PPGD 60DA517
6 washer, Liner Set Screw PPGD 95F10
6 Liner Set Screw PPGD FZ207
6 Nut, Liner Set Screw PPGD 50B10
6 Plug PPGD 64AU5
66 Stud, Valve Cover & head PPGD 79L11
66 Nut, Valve Cover & head PPGD 50B9
16 Stud, Discharge Flange PPGD 655EG09Z
16 Nut, discharge Flange PPGD 50B8
2 Gasket, Discharge Manifold PPGD 25T34

Gear End Rebuild Kit

Gardner Denver FXO Gear End Rebuild Kit
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 Jackshaft PPGD 4FXO371
1 Pinion Gear PPGD FXO181
2 Seal-Oil PPGD 60G5
2 Spacer PPGD FXO376
2 Bearing-Jackshaft PPGD 12W9
2 Key PPGD 35C70
2 Seal-Oil PPGD 60G7
4 Fitting, Lube PPGD 40E5
1 Shaft-Eccentric PPGD 1FXO367
1 Gear Drive PPGD 2FXO180
1 Eccentric PPGD 1FXO255
2 Sleeve-Shaft PPGD 11AUX18
2 Seal-Oil PPGD 60G28
2 Bearing PPGD 12C24
20 Screw PPGD 75A43
2 Eccentric Bushing PPGD 2FXO421
2 Crosshead Bushing PPGD FXO229
2 Crosshead PPGD FXO175
2 Crosshead Pin PPGD 1FXO189
2 Packing Oil Stop Head PPGD 60BG32
2 Washer Oil Stop Head PPGD FXO318
2 Rod Baffle PPGD 4FXk840
1 Gasket, Hood PPGD 2009457
8 Nut PPGD 50E9
8 Screw Gear to Eccentric PPGD 75S22
2 Plate, Bearing PPGD FXO370
2 Housing, Bearing PPGD FXO368
2 Oil Stop Head PPGD 1FXO495
2 Nut PPGD 50T2
2 Plate, Bearing Cover PPGD 1FXO366
2 Sleeve-Shaft PPGD 12AUX18
12 Screw Hood PPGD 655EE140
16 Screw PPGD 75A29
8 Cotter, Clamp Screw PPGD 62E8
4 Bolt PPGD 1FXO890
4 Nut PPGD 50T161
4 Cotter Pin PPGD 62E25
2 Retainer Plate PPGD FXO281
2 Nut PPGD 1FXO839
2 Nut Extension Rod PPGD FXO837
12 Nut PPGD 50B7C
2 Gland, Oil Stop Head PPGD FXO238