Oil & Gas

For over 30 years only one manufacturer of Oil & Gas pump parts has earned the right to call itself the AMERICAN Manufacturing Company. From our factories in the Heartland of Minnesota to our headquarters in the Energy capital of the world in Houston, we produce the highest quality products, in-house, under ISO 9001:2015 and API 7-K certifications.

We take pride in our entire line of Oil & Gas products with a dedication to perfection in every aspect from start to finish - design, material, manufacturing and labor - nearly every product is manufactured entirely in-house. From our state of the art, highly automated CNC manufacturing facility in St. Joseph, MN to our high-tech elastomeric and urethane production facility in Cypress, TX, our products such as our flagship Blue Eagle Piston and Valve, reflect the seamless integration required to deliver the highest quality oilfield products available today.

The American Manufacturing total investment in quality enables us to offer the most generous warranty in the industry.  If our products can be outperformed by another brand's offering; we'll replace them with no additional cost to the customer.  Our mission is to provide our customers the highest quality product in the industry at the most competitive pricing; and we are successful.