Gardner Denver 7.25" x 14" FXN

Replacement parts for the 7.25" x 14" FXN mud pump.

Fluid End Rebuild Kit

Gardner Denver 7.25" x 14 FXN Fluid End Rebuild Kit
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 Liner 7.1/4" Bore PPGD FK45672
2 Piston 7.1/4"B API-4 PPGD 224TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 7.1/4"B PPGD TBB76020
2 Liner 7.1/4x14 7.1/2" Bore PPGD FK45675
2 Piston 7.1/2"B API-4 PPGD 225TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 7.1/2"B PPGD TBB76021
2 Liner 7.1/4x14 7" Bore PPGD FK45670
2 Piston 7"B API-4 PPGD 223TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 7" B PPGD TBB76019
2 Liner 7.1/4x14 6.1/2" Bore PPGD FK45665
2 Piston 6.1/2"B API-4 PPGD 221TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 6.1/2"B PPGD TBB76017
2 Liner 7.1/4x14 6" Bore PPGD FK45660
2 Piston 6"B API-4 PPGD 219TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 6"B PPGD TBB76015
2 Liner 7.1/4 x 14 5.1/2" Bore PPGD FK45655
2 Piston 5.1/2"B API-4 PPGD 217TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 5.1/2"B PPGD TBB76013
2 Liner 5" Bore for 7.1/4x14 FKFXK PPGD FK45650
2 Piston 5"B API-4 PPGD 215TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 5"B PPGD TBB76011
2 Liner 7.1/4x14 4.1/2" Bore PPGD FK45645
2 Piston 4.1/2"B API-4 PPGD 213TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 4.1/2"B PPGD TBB76009
2 Liner 7.1/4x14 4" Bore PPGD FK45640
2 Piston 4"K API-4 PPGD 45B253
2 Piston Rubber Kit 4"K PPGD 45C9
4 Liner Packing PPGD 60AM29
2 Lantern Ring PPGD GN957
2 Piston Rod PPGD 8FXK183
2 Nut, Piston Rod X-Head PPGD FXZ837
2 Junk Ring PPGD 200FXN317
2 Packing, Rod PPGD 60DA120
2 Spacer - Lantern PPGD 200FXN445
8 Gasket Valve Cover PPGD 200FXN715
8 Bushing, Valve Cover PPGD 2007674
2 Gasket, Man. To Cylinder PPGD 25AL36
2 Gasket, Head PPGD 60AM32
2 Gasket, Liner To Cylinder PPGD 25AT37
2 Gasket, Flange PPGD 25BC105
1 Gasket, Flange PPGD 25C1154N
8 Stem Guided Valve w/ Poly PPGD 202PZL482A
8 Inserts, Valve Poly PPGD 201PZL106
8 Seats Stem Guided PPGD 202PZL039
8 Springs PPGD 78H44

Fluid End Optional Liners, Pistons, Piston Rubber Kits

Gardner Denver 7.25" x 14 FXN Fluid End Optional Parts
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
4 Drain Plug PPGD 64AU5
8 Valve Cover PPGD 200FXN147
8 Ring - Valve Cover PPGD 2011699
8 Lock Cover PPGD 2011857
2 Fluid Cylinder w/ Studs PPGD 200FXN029B
4 Plug PPGD 64AA5
64 Stud PPGD 79L63
80 Nut PPGD 50B10
48 Stud, FXN PPGD 79L161
48 Nut, Heavy Hex PPGD 50B11
16 Stud PPGD 79L80
2 Gasket - Hyd. Ring PPGD 25AL25
2 Cylinder Spacer ASM PPGD 200FXN200
12 Stud PPGD 79L3
12 Nut PPGD 50B8
2 Gasket, Stuffing Box to Spacer Hydraulic Ring PPGD 25AL1
2 Stuffing Box FXN PPGD 200FXN014
2 Gland, Stuffing Box FXN PPGD 200FXN008
8 Eye Bolt for FXN Valve Cover PPGD 15P28
2 Plug, SQHD Pipe PPGD 64AA9
16 Stud PPGD 208PZL110
32 Nut PPGD 50AW13
3 Ring Joint Gasket PPGD 25V19
8 Stud Top Flange PPGD 201FXN110
1 Strainer PPGD 1GXR208
2 Clamp, Liner FXN PPGD 200FXN455
2 Cylinder Head FXN PPGD 200FXN007
2 Valve Cover FXN PPGD GN147
2 Cover-Lock PPGD 200FXN587
16 Screw, Suction Manifold PPGD 75A74
1 Flange, Weld PPGD 64CU12
12 Screw, Suction Flange to Manifold PPGD 75A150
12 Nut PPGD 50B9

Gear End Rebuild Kit

Gardner Denver 7.25" x 14 FXN Gear End Rebuild Kit
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 Gasket, Hood PPGD 2009592
1 Jackshaft PPGD 200FXN371
2 Bearing, Jackshaft PPGD 12BA70
2 Spacer, Shaft PPGD 200FXN600
2 Sleeve, Wear Seal PPGD 80M11
2 Seal-Oil PPGD 60DD64
2 Bearing, connecting rod PPGD 12W85
2 Bearing, Crosshead Pin PPGD 12BA19
2 Crosshead Pin PPGD 201FXN189
2 Crosshead Pin Retainer PPGD 201FXN168
2 Nut, Piston Rod X-Head End PPGD FXK837
2 Extension Rod PPGD 1FXK839
2 Oil Stop Head PPGD 200FXN051B
2 Washer Oil Stop Head PPGD FXQ318
2 Packing Oil Stop Head PPGD 60BG29
2 Gland, Oil Stop Head PPGD FXQ238
4 Nut PPGD 50B8
2 Baffle PPGD 2FXK840