American Mfg Company’s MINERAL EXPLORATION PRODUCTS DIVISION was born in late 2009 with its release of the industry leading AW1122BCD triplex core-drilling pump.

Since inception we have continued to add to our product line which now includes 4 complete pump models; our AW11, AL11, AL09, and AME04 pumps, in addition to our 4-speed transmission.

Our MINERAL EXPLORATION product line is currently in use in more than 60 countries world-wide. From Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe the American Mfg Company brand is known for the high quality, rapid availability, and economical pricing of its products.

Our line of MINERAL EXPLORATION PRODUCTS is proudly manufactured in St. Joseph, MN right in the heart of the United States of America. Certificate of Origins and Compliance are available for all orders placed, and we’re always more than happy to send a copy of our ISO 9001 and API 7-K certificates when needed.