Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX

Replacement parts for the Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX mud pump.

Fluid End Rebuild Kit

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Fluid End Rebuild Kit
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 Liner PPGD FD45655
2 Liner Chrome PPGD FD45655C
4 Liner Packing PPGD 25T32
2 Lantern Ring PPGD FD445
2 Head Gasket PPGD 25G43
2 Piston PPGD 204TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit PPGD TBB76013
2 Piston Rod PPGD 5EF183 (5.5X8)
2 Piston Rod Chrome PPGD 14EF183
2 Junk Ring PPGD BC317
2 Packing PPGD 60BH2
2 Bushing Gland PPGD 1FD152

Fluid End Valves, Seats and Springs

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Fluid End Valves, Seats and Springs
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
8 Valve Cover Gasket PPGD 25G18
8 Valve Spring PPGD 78D22
8 Spring SS PPGD 78A171SS
8 Spring Steel PPGD 78A171ST
8 Valve Gravel PPGD 200FGG482A
8 Valve Gravel Insert PPGD 200FGG106
8 Valve Seat PPGD 200FGG039
8 Valve Standard PPGD 1FG928
8 Valve Standard Insert PPGD 1FG452
8 Valve Standard Seat PPGD 11FG39
8 Seat Valve PPGD 200FDD039
8 Valve-Ball PPGD 200FDD481
8 Cover-Valve PPGD 200FDD147A

Fluid End Stuffing Box

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Fluid End Stuffing Box
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
4 Stud, Stuffing Box PPGD 79A183
4 Nut, Stuffing Box Stud PPGD 50B8
2 ASM Stuffing Box PPGD 2007956
2 Packing, Braided Asbestos PPGD 60BG13
2 Packing, Oil Res Molded Convex PPGD 60BH2
2 Packing, Molded Rubber & Duck PPGD 60DA415
2 Ring-Junk PPGD BC317
2 Gasket PPGD 25C1737
2 Bushing-Gland PPGD 1FD152
2 Gland, Stuffing Box PPGD FD21
2 ASM Gland PPGD 200FXX008A
2 Packing-Ring PPGD 60DD75
2 Nut PPGD 200FXX086

Fluid End Cylinder

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Fluid End Cylinder
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 ASM Fluid Cylinder PPGD 6FD29B
12 Stud, Cylinder to Frame PPGD 79L92
12 Nut, Cylinder Head PPGD 50B10
16 Stud, Valve Cover PPGD 79A559
16 Nut, Valve Cover PPGD 50B13
8 Stud, Discharge Flange PPGD 79A183
8 Nut, Discharge Flange Stud PPGD 50B8
24 Stud, Cylinder Head PPGD 79A183
24 Nut, Cylinder Head Stud PPGD 50B8
8 Stud, Suction Flange PPGD 79A183
8 Nut, Suction Flange Stud PPGD 50B8
1 Flange, Discharge PPGD 64DA5
1 Gasket, Discharge Flange PPGD 25G4
2 Head Cylinder PPGD 4FD41
2 Gasket, Cylinder Head PPGD 25G43
2 Clamp Liner PPGD 3FD217
4 Sleeve, Liner PPGD 25T32
2 Spacer, Liner PPGD FD445
2 Liner Set Screw PPGD 76W3
2 Nut, Liner Set Screw PPGD 50B12
2 Washer, Liner Set Screw PPGD 95F12
2 Packing, Liner Set Screw PPGD 60BQ6
1 Flange, Suction PPGD FD77
1 Gasket, Suction Flange PPGD 25C320
5 Plug PPGD 64AU5
8 Valve Cover PPGD FD147
32 Stud, Flange & head PPGD 79A183
32 Nut, Flange & head PPGD 50B8
1 Gasket, Discharge Flange PPGD 25BE14
2 Plug PPGD 64AU5

Fluid End Optional Liners, Pistons, Piston Rubber Kits

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Fluid End Optional Liners, Pistons Piston Rubber Kits
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 Liner 5.5" x 8" 5.5" Bore PPGD FD45655
2 Piston 5.5" B API-3 PPGD 204TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kits 5.5" Bore PPGD TBB76013
2 Liner 5.5" x 8" 5" Bore PPGD 1FD45650
2 Piston 5" B API-3 PPGD 202TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 5" B PPGD TBB76011
2 Liner 4.5" Bore for 5.5" x 8" PPGD 1FD45645
2 Piston 4.5" B API-3 PPGD 200TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 4.5" Bore PPGD TBB76009
2 Liner 5.5" x 8" 4" Bore PPGD 1FD45640
2 Piston 4" K API-3 PPGD 221TBK045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 4" K PPGD TBK90423
2 Liner 3.5" Bore PPGD 200FDD456
2 Piston 3.5" K API-3 PPGD 220TBK045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 3.5" K PPGD TBK90422

Liner And Seat Pullers

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Liner And Seat Pullers
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 Puller, Seat Standard PPGD 1AUX545
1 Puller, Seat Gravel PPGD 200FGG219A
1 Puller, Liner PPGD 1FD345A

Gear End Oil Stop Head 2 Bolt

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Gear End Oil Stop Head 2 Bolt
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 Oil Stop Head PPGD FXX495
4 Stud, Oil Stop Head PPGD 79A69
4 Nut, Oil Stop Head Stud PPGD 50B5
2 Gland, Oil Stop Head PPGD PXD238
2 Packing, Oil Stop Head PPGD 60BG26
2 Washer, Oil Stop Head PPGD BC318
2 Gasket, Oil Stop Head PPGD 25C974

Gear End Oil Stop Head 4 Bolt

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Gear End Oil Stop Head 4 Bolt
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 Oil Stop Head PPGD 200FXX051A
4 Plate‐Retaining PPGD 201FXX168
8 Screw‐Hex Cap PPGD 75A54
2 Gland PPGD PXD238
4 Nut‐Hex PPGD 50B5
4 Stud PPGD 79A69
2 Packing PPGD 60BG26
2 Ring‐Junk PPGD BC318
8 Gasket‐Ring PPGD 25F9
2 Gasket PPGD 25BC177

Gear End Jackshaft

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Gear End Jackshaft
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 ASM JackShaft PPGD FXX374
1 JackShaft PPGD FXX371
1 Key, JackShaft to Gear PPGD 35C56
1 Gear‐Driver PPGD FXX181
2 Sleeve‐Shaft PPGD FXX289
2 Seal‐Oil, Bearing Housing PPGD 60G5
2 Spacer, Bearing PPGD FXX376
2 Bearing, JackShaft PPGD 12W4
2 Housing‐Bearing PPGD 1FXX368
4 Gasket, Housing & Retain Plate PPGD 25C973
2 Plate‐Bearing Retaining PPGD 4FXX370
12 Screw, Housing & Retain Plate PPGD 655EF070
4 Screw, Shaft Extension Cover PPGD 75A5
1 Cover‐Shaft Extension PPGD 200FXX490
1 Key, JackShaft PPGD 35B99
2 Seal‐Oil, Bearing Retaining Plate PPGD 60G19
2 Fitting Lube PPGD 40E5

Gear End Eccentric Shaft

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Gear End Eccentric Shaft
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 Shaft‐Eccentric PPGD 1FXX367
1 Key, Eccentric Shaft PPGD 35C68
1 Eccentric PPGD 1FXX255
2 Sleeve‐Shaft PPGD 20AUX18
2 Seal‐Oil PPGD 60G7
2 Bearing, Eccentric Shaft PPGD 12C33
2 Shim, Bearing Cover Plate PPGD 77B20
12 Screw, Bearing Cover Plate PPGD 75A18
2 Plate‐Bearing Cover PPGD FXX366
1 Gasket, Bearing Cover Plate PPGD 25C973
2 Fitting-Lube, Bearing CVR Plate PPGD 40E5

Connecting Rod CrossHead

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Connecting Rod CrossHead
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 ASM Connecting Rod PPGD 2FXX417
2 Bushing (Eccentric End) PPGD 2FXX421
2 Bushing (CrossHead End) PPGD FXX229
2 CrossHead PPGD FXX175
2 Plate‐Retainer PPGD 1FXX281
4 Screw(1.25" LG.) Retainer Plate PPGD 75B11
4 Screw 1" LG Retainer Plate PPGD 75B13
48" Wire PPGD 97A29

Gear End Frame

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 8" FD FXX Gear End Frame
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 ASM Frame PPGD 200FXX001A
1 Plug‐SQHD Pipe, Oil Drain PPGD 64A5
1 Elbow‐Pipe Street, Oil Level PPGD 64D4
1 Plug‐SQHD Pipe, Oil Level PPGD 64AA4
1 Hood PPGD 200FXX053
1 Gasket, Hood PPGD 2009457
12 Screw, Hood PPGD 75AA1
1 Cover‐Filler PPGD FXX880
2 Plug‐SQHD Pipe, CrossHead PPGD 64AA7
4 Stud, CrossHead INSPECT. Plate PPGD 79A6
4 Nut, CrossHead INSP. PL. Stud PPGD 50B5
2 Plate‐Inspection, CrossHead PPGD FXX723
2 Gasket, CrossHead INS. Plate PPGD 25C1180
4 Screw, CrossHead INS. Plate PPGD 75A4
1 Stud, Plate Inspection PPGD 79A338
1 Nut, Plate Inspection Stud PPGD 50B3
1 Plate‐Inspection PPGD 1PXD237
1 Manifold‐Water PPGD 1FXX315
2 Screw, Water Manifold PPGD 75A5
2 Valve‐Angle PPGD 90F4
2 Nipple‐Pipe PPGD 63D9
2 Nipple‐Pipe PPGD 63D14
2 Baffle, Piston Rod PPGD 1FXX840