Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD

Replacement parts for the Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD mud pump.

Fluid End Rebuild Kit

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD Fluid End Rebuild Kit
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 Liner PPGD FD45655
2 Liner Chrome PPGD FD45655C
4 Liner Packing PPGD 25T32
2 Lantern Ring PPGD FD445
2 Head Gasket PPGD 25G43
2 Piston PPGD 204TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit PPGD TBB76013
2 Piston Rod PPGD 5FD183
2 Piston Rod Chrome PPGD 5FD183C
2 Junk Ring PPGD BC317
2 Packing PPGD 60BH2
2 Bushing Gland PPGD 1FD152

Fluid End Valves, Seats and Springs

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD Fluid End Valves, Seats and Springs
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
8 Valve Cover Gasket PPGD 25G18
8 Valve Spring PPGD 78D22
8 Spring SS PPGD 78A171SS
8 Spring Steel PPGD 78A171ST
8 Valve Gravel PPGD 200FGG482A
8 Valve Gravel Insert PPGD 200FGG106
8 Valve Seat PPGD 200FGG039
8 Valve Standard PPGD 1FG928
8 Valve Standard Insert PPGD 1FG452
8 Valve Standard Seat PPGD 11FG39
8 Seat Valve PPGD 200FDD039
8 Valve-Ball PPGD 200FDD481
8 Cover-Valve PPGD 200FDD147A

Fluid End Stuffing Box

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD Fluid End Stuffing Box
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
4 Stud, Stuffing Box PPGD 79A183
4 Nut, Stuffing Box Stud PPGD 50B8
2 ASM, Stuffing Box PPGD 2007956
2 Packing, Braided Asbestos PPGD 60BG13
2 Packing, Oil Res Molded Convex PPGD 60BH2
2 Packing, Molded Rubber & Duck PPGD 60DA415
2 Ring-Junk PPGD BC317
2 Gasket PPGD 25C1737
2 Bushing-Gland PPGD 1FD152
2 Gland, Stuffing Box PPGD FD21
2 ASM Gland PPGD 200FXX008A
2 Packing-Ring PPGD 60DD75
2 Nut PPGD 200FXX086

Fluid End Cylinder

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD Fluid End Cylinder
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 ASM Fluid Cylinder PPGD 6FD29B
12 Stud, Cylinder to Frame PPGD 79L92
12 Nut, Cylinder to Frame Stud PPGD 50B10
16 Stud, Valve Cover PPGD 79A559
16 Nut, Valve Cover Stud PPGD 50B13
8 Stud, Discharge Flange PPGD 79A183
8 Nut, Discharge Flange Stud PPGD 50B8
24 Stud, Cylinder Head PPGD 79A183
24 Nut, Cylinder Head Stud PPGD 50B8
8 Stud, Suction Flange PPGD 79A183
8 Nut, Suction Flange Stud PPGD 50B8
1 Flange, Discharge PPGD 64DA5
1 Gasket, Discharge Flange PPGD 25G4
2 Head Cylinder PPGD 4FD41
2 Gasket, Cylinder Head PPGD 25G43
2 Clamp Liner PPGD 3FD217
4 Sleeve Liner PPGD 25T32
2 Spacer Liner PPGD FD445
2 Set Screw, Liner PPGD 76W3
2 Nut, Liner Set Screw PPGD 50B12
2 Washer, Liner Set Screw PPGD 95F12
2 Packing, Liner Set Screw PPGD 60BQ6
1 Flange, Suction PPGD FD77
1 Gasket, Suction Flange PPGD 25C320
5 Plug, Cylinder Cleanout PPGD 64AU5
8 Valve Cover PPGD FD147

Fluid End Optional Liners, Pistons, Piston Rubber Kits

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD Fluid End Optional Liners, Pistons, Piston Rubber Kits
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 Liner 5.5" x 10" 5.5" Bore PPGD FD45655
2 Piston 5.5" B API-3 PPGD 204TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 5.5" B PPGD TBB76013
2 Liner 5.5" x 10" 5" Bore PPGD 1FD45650
2 Piston 5" B API-3 PPGD 202TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 5" B PPGD TBB76011
2 Liner 4.5" Bore for 5.5" x 10" PPGD 2FD45645
2 Piston 4.5" B API-3 PPGD 200TBB045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 4.5" B PPGD TBB76009
2 Liner 5.5" x 10" 4" Bore PPGD 1FD45640
2 Piston 4" K API-3 PPGD 221TBK045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 4" K PPGD TBK90423
2 Liner 3.5" Bore PPGD 200FDD456
2 Piston 3.5" K API-3 PPGD 220TBK045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit 3.5" K PPGD TBK90422

Gear End Pullers

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD Gear End Pullers
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 Puller, Seat Standard PPGD 1AUX545
1 Puller, Seat Gravel PPGD 200FGG219A
1 Puller, Liner PPGD 1FD345A

Oil Stop Head

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD Oil Stop Head
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 Oil Stop Head PPGD FXD495
4 Stud, Oil Stop Head PPGD 79A69
4 Nut, Oil Stop Head Stud PPGD 50B5
2 Gland, Oil Stop Head PPGD PXD238
2 Packing, Oil Stop Head PPGD 60BG26
2 Washer, Oil Stop Head PPGD BC318
2 Gasket, Oil Stop Head PPGD 25C974

Gear End JackShaft

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD Gear End JackShaft
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 JackShaft PPGD FXD371
2 Sleeve‐Shaft PPGD FXD289
2 Seal‐Oil, Bearing Housing PPGD 60G63
4 Spacer, Bearing PPGD FXD376
2 Bearing, JackShaft PPGD 12W6
2 Housing‐Bearing PPGD 1FXD368
2 Spacer‐Bearing PPGD FXD376
4 Gasket, Housing & Retaining Plate PPGD 25C1085
2 Plate‐Bearing Retaining PPGD 3FXD370
12 Screw, Housing & Retaining Plate PPGD 75A43
4 Screw, Shaft Extension Cover PPGD 75A192
1 Cover‐Shaft Extension PPGD 200FXD490
1 Key, JackShaft PPGD 35B167
2 Seal‐Oil, Bearing Retaining Plate PPGD 60G221
2 Fitting‐Lube PPGD 40E5

Gear End Eccentric Shaft

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD Gear End Eccentric Shaft
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 Shaft‐Eccentric PPGD FXD367
1 Key, Eccentric Shaft PPGD 35C68
1 Eccentric PPGD FXD255
2 Sleeve‐Shaft PPGD 23AUX18
2 Seal‐Oil PPGD 60G17
2 Bearing, Eccentric Shaft PPGD 12C34
2 Shim, Bearing Cover Plate PPGD 77B22
12 Screw, Bearing Cover Plate PPGD 75A18
2 Plate‐Bearing Cover PPGD FXD366
1 Gasket, Bearing Cover Plate PPGD 25C1084
2 Fitting‐Lube, Bearing CVR Plate PPGD 40E5

Gear End Connecting Rod Crosshead

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD Gear End Connecting Rod Crosshead
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
2 ASM Connecting Rod PPGD FXD417
2 Bushing (Eccentric End) PPGD FXD421
2 Bushing (Crosshead End) PPGD FXD229
2 Crosshead PPGD FXD175
2 Pin‐Crosshead PPGD FXD189
2 Plate‐Retainer PPGD FXD281
4 Screw (1.25" LG) Retainer Plate PPGD 75B11
4 Screw 1.5" Retainer Plate PPGD 75B10
48" Wire PPGD 97A29

Gear End Frame

Gardner Denver 5.5" x 10" FD FXD Gear End Frame
Qty.DescriptionPart No.
1 ASM Frame PPGD FXD172A
2 Plug‐SQHD Pipe, Oil Drain PPGD 64A6
2 Elbow‐Pipe Street, Oil Level PPGD 64D4
2 Plug‐SQHD Pipe, Oil Level PPGD 64AA4
1 Hood PPGD 200FXD053
1 Gasket, Hood PPGD 2009457
12 Screw, Hood PPGD 75AA1
1 Cover‐Filler PPGD FXX880
2 Plug‐SQHD Pipe, Crosshead Oil PPGD 64AA5
4 Stud, Crosshead Inspect Plate PPGD 79A6
4 Nut, Crosshead Insp. Pl. Stud PPGD 50B5
2 Plate‐Inspection PPGD 200FXD052
2 Gasket, Crosshead INS. Plate PPGD 25C1083
4 Screw, Crosshead Ins. Plate PPGD 75AA1
4 Stud, Plate Inspection PPGD 79A438
4 Nut, Plate Inspection Stud PPGD 50B5